Gordon Vosters:   Over 30 years landscape experience.  Established Vosters Landscape   Inc. in 1983.  Degree in Turf Management from Purdue University. 

 Scott Van Asten:   Over 20 years landscape experience.  Partnership in 1995.  Masters   degree in Business Administration, UW-Oshkosh. 

 Staff:   Certified Landscape Technicians on staff.  Full-time employees have an average   of over 10 years experience. 

 Equipment:    Full line of updated and well maintained equipment for any size   landscape project. 

 You can be assured we will do our very best to fulfill our commitment to provide you   with a high level of quality workmanship, materials and services.  We will upon request,   provide you with a list of references of our very satisfied clients.

 Thank you
 Gordy & Connie Vosters
 Scott & Kristine Van Asten