Lawn Care Program
Late March - Earl May Apply granular crab grass preventer, - Fertilizer
Early May Rake or De-thatch lawn
Mid May - Late May Apply Granular weed and feed
Early to Mid June Spray lawn with liquid weed killer (if needed) i.e. Tri-Mec, Ban Vil, 2-4D
July and August Follow up with liquid weed killer (if needed) and check for lawn pests.   (i.e. Chinch bugs, sod webworm, Japanese beetle grub).  Apply pesticide if needed. (Diazinon, Dursban).  Also check for lawn disease (i.e. powdery mildew, rust brown, patch, etc..)  and apply fungicide if needed.  (each diseases should be identified and treated specifically).
Late August-Early September Apply weed and feed of Turf builder.  Granular fertilizer.
Mid to late September De-thatch or Core Airate (if not done in spring).
Mid to late October Apply Granular Winterizer Fertilizer (your lawn should have a good start for next spring) Also, carve your Jack-o-Lantern.


  • Always buy high quality Fertilizer and apply with broadcast type spreader.
  • Always apply weed and feed when there is heavy dew still on the grass. (should not have rain for 36-38 hours) as it will get washed off.
  • Liquid weed killer also should not have rain for 48 hours. (as always, read and follow directions on the label.)
  • Clippings are best left on the lawn as it is an excellent Nitrogen source and organic compost for the grass plants.  Contrary to what some believe, clippings do not contribute to thatch build up, since clippings decompose in 8 - 14 days.
  • Grass should always be mowed at 2 1/2" height to develop a strong root system, (except for last mowing in fall, when mower should be set down to 1 1/2".)


  • Newly seeded lawns need to be kept damp!
  • After lawn is established, it needs approximately 1" of water per week (including rain) to stay healthy and lush.
  • Establish lawns should be watered less frequent.  But water deeper. (2-3 timer per week).  Early morning is the best time to water established lawns.  (never water past late evenings). 
  • New lawns will require watering during hot afternoon hours to keep moist.  (even though some water is lost through evaporation.)
  • For any Irrigation needs, Vosters Landscaping Inc. is Toro Irrigation Contractor.


Newly laid sod needs to be watered immediately and very thoroughly.  It will require frequent watering. (possibly twice a day, depending on weather conditions), keeping the sod saturated for at least two weeks.  When grass gets approximately 3-4" tall, stop watering for approximately two days to let the ground dry up enough for mowing.  Set your mower at 2" high.
Watering from now on does not need to be as thorough, but should be watered daily.  Turf builder Fertilizer should be applied 6 weeks after sod is installed.  (refer to your Lawn Care Program thereafter.)
Getting the best results takes a lot of care and a little patience.  Good Luck!!  And pray for rain.